Being Water

As an escape from this week’s heatwave, I’ve been spending more and more time in a little paradise nearby. It’s filled with wildlife and natural beauty and inspired me to do some photography and video which I’ll share more with you. For now, here’s “Being Water” a trippy short shot filmed as I blend in …

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Luís Formiga e Cabaret Malícia

Live filming with no edition of “A Pistola do Ernesto” by Luís Formiga e Cabaret Malícia at Quartel das Artes Dr. Alípio Sol, Oliveira do Bairro, 1.10.2016. Musicians: Bruno Pinho – guitarra Jorge Pandeirada – baixo e electrónicas Luís Formiga – voz e guitarra Micael Lourenço – bateria

Windmill flower fields

Windmill flower fields is an art installation inspired on the Chinese Proverb “When winds of change blow, some build walls while others build windmills”. It’s a garden of crafted flowers made of branches & upcycled papers from magazines and cardboard. Each is handmade with love, planted with care and watered by the wind, a seed …

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Winds of Change Video

Mixed media short film using an amalgam of techniques such as handmade illustration, watercolor painting, flash animation, stop motion photography and video from a K7 tape flowing in the winds of change. Software used: Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Flash. Sound Design by Marcos Ferreira. See stills from the film below and the original illustration that …

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Keep working on Love

Inspired by one of the first books I have ever read and one that I keep reading from time to time, I made a selection of quotes and a video. Filmed in Berlengas island while searching for @WildPortugal places and blended with an animated illustration that I have been working on. Quotes by Richard Bach in Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Video …

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