Lisbon Busking Festival II

One more time the Intendente square got filled with joy and laughter. The second edition of the Lisbon Busking Festival ” Chap√©us na Rua” happened on the 15, 16 & 17th of September and brought art, performances and workshops to the streets.     See full gallery here.

Na Kalha 2018

Na Kalha, is a street music festival in Ovar, Portugal. I helped create and set the performance spaces with stenciled boxes, conceived hanging installations around the town, painted a wall and helped during the event assisting the participating artists.    

Tree people are growing back

Tree people are growing in me again… they were one of my recurrent drawing themes as a teenager and they’ve come to visit me recently. Original colour pencils & black ink A4 illustration available for sale with or without “ferrero¬†rocher” frame ūüėČ

BEing ‚ô•works

I feel truly blessed for doing what I love, surrounded by beautiful environments, meeting such inspirational human beings and keeping a strong connection with all others [plants, lizards, dragonflies, grasshoppers…]. BEing myself really comes easy when all around me is nature, art & love… syncing happens so effortlessly it feels like magic! Here are some …

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REignite Love Everywhere

  Handmade framed¬†pieces from¬†a series of paintings especially created for¬†Reignite’s¬† first charity crowdfunding campaign.¬†Original handwritten quotes painted with gouache and marker pens on paper, mounted on upcycled cards.           REignite Love in all you do

Winds of Change Video

Mixed media short film using an amalgam of techniques such as handmade illustration, watercolor painting, flash animation, stop motion photography and video from a K7 tape flowing in the winds of change. Software used: Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Flash. Sound Design by¬†Marcos Ferreira. See stills from the film below and the original illustration that …

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