100×100 Exhibition

It is an honor to be part of the 100×100 Collective Painting Exhibition, at the Jaime Lobo e Silva Culture House, Orlando Morais Municipal Gallery from 9/11 to 10/10 in Ericeira, Portugal.

It consists of a collective exhibition based on the square form and free content where all the proposed paintings have the same dimension 100x100cm and are presented by the order of the author’s date of birth.

I participate with a translucent plastic canvas mounted on a handcrafted frame, using spray, acrylic paint, chinese ink, markers, brushes, tree branches and leaves, which I named “100Pressões” / “100Prints”, a word game between the impressions we receive and the imprints we cause in our environment and nature, through our choices, gestures and steps along the way.

The exhibition opens on 11th September from 6pm to 8pm and closes on 10th October 2021. It can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm – 2pm to 7pm. Sundays from 3pm to 6pm. Closed on Mondays and holidays.

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